From Far Away to EveryDay

We believe everyone can use Weeger Spice - from chefs who love to experiment to parents who want to add a twist to simple dishes for family meals.  We love how it works on a wide variety of foods - sprinkled on hummus, poached eggs, pasta, mac and cheese, Bloody Marys, the possibilities are endless!

Our Story

Mei & Mo [pronounced "may" and "mo"] originally met working in publishing.  Mei had studied in Beijing in college and Mo had taken trips to China with her family over the years.  One of the things they have in common is a love of authentic Chinese cuisine...

Mei:  While I was a student in Beijing one of my favorite things to eat was skewers from the Uyghur neighborhood near my school—the street was lined with a lot of food carts and restaurants.  Uyghur people are from the Xinjiang region in the northwest of China and there are a lot of Turkic influences reflected in their cuisine.  I was inspired to recreate the spices at home and put my own spin on it.  After lots of recipe tweaking and refining in my kitchen, I hope you'll find these spices as delicious as I do.

Mo: Home is where my heart is. I love cooking for my family and friends. Living in Manhattan for the last 14 years has been a creative journey full of wonderful surprises, and one of the ways I enjoy sharing these experiences is over a delicious home cooked meal. I have a background in product and graphic design, which has fostered a love and respect for creative and interesting packaging. Put everything together and we are proud to present Mei & Mo Weeger Spice... both tasty and beautiful for the table.