Eager to Weeger

This week was all about laying down some important groundwork (i.e. registering for an EIN, shareholders agreements, by-laws).  Huh?  Yes, you know, business.  I can write about any tips or things I've learned in the future, but at the moment, I don't think I can add any valuable insight into this aspect.

What I can tell you is that Mo and I filmed our Kickstarter video and I felt like Jack Donaghy over-analyzing his 'acting' in the episode of "30 Rock" where he had to film a clip about GE Product Integration.

"Hi, I'm Meilina.  What's my next line?  Something, something rooftop BBQ?"  I really thought I'd had my talking points down, until the record button was hit.  I have a newfound respect for actors--meaning the ones I thought were dumb.  I now realize you have to be kind of smart to be in front of a camera.  Or at least totally impervious to the fact that lots of people will see the video. I happen to be one of those "Do I really sound like that/make that weird motion with my head/please say I do not" people, sooooo...

Mo and I also took a trip to Flushing to get some shots of Xinjiang skewers, the original thing that inspired this spice blend.  We loved that our research was pretty much eating and taking pictures.


I also forged ahead with recipe tweaking and finally came up with something that I feel much better about.  I added sumac, dried shiso and a bit of dulse to play with tanginess, brightness and salinity. Fingers crossed that this batch is the winner...