A funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen...

Hi All,

Mo posting here. Thought I'd share a little snippet of our adventure that involves Lego bricks, a mix-up, and friends who love you no matter what. You see, last Saturday we were invited to a friend's apartment for dinner. She asked me to bring a sample of our spice on some popcorn so she could finally try it. Of course, I said I'd whip some up right away. When I went to the kitchen, much to my dismay I was short of a few vital ingredients. So, that afternoon I walked over in the rain to Dual Specialty Shop for some spices with my five year old daughter in tow. She was such a sport that I offered to walk a few more blocks over to Kmart to pick up a Lego set for the kids to play with at the party. One thing led to another, the checkout line was ridiculously long, we passed a dying rat in the crosswalk, I had to run another errand on the way back, she needed a snack... and before I knew it we were late late late.

By the time we got back home I was rushing through the process of toasting, grinding, and simultaneously popping popcorn. I grabbed my bulk bag of cumin and poured it into the wok with one hand while assembling a firetruck with the other. We threw our shoes on and were out the door to head downtown and join the party.

We arrived fashionably late with our snacks and toys. Everyone settled in and the popcorn was poured into a lovely bowl and served. The reaction was all positive yet unexpected. "Ooh, is that anise?". Uh, no. "Mmm, I taste licorice!". What? It's cumin, people, CUMIN! Having eaten Weeger on absolutely everything from kale to ice cream for months now, I didn't bother to taste it because frankly, my taste buds needed a break. It was a great party and I lost myself in conversation and Lego building and mushroom pizza. We stumbled home on the bus way past bedtime and left the cleaning for the morning.

When I woke up the next day I trudged into the kitchen to sort through the pots and pans and mixing spoons. My curiosity got to me and I tasted the Weeger batch, and much to my dismay it was anise. Funny, it was licorice, too. It was... FENNEL. Ugh! I was mortified. I sent out a mass email to all of my unsuspecting taste testers. Oops! Disregard the entire flavor you encountered last night, that is NOT Weeger. What that is something akin to spicy candy from last Halloween that nobody wanted to eat. How could they have liked it?! I think they are just biased and didn't want to hurt my feelings. But, in the end I learned two very important things: label your bulk bags clearly and your lovely friends will lie through their teeth because they are that cool.

This is not the Weeger you are looking for...

Too eager to Weeger (properly).