Getting closer...

Hey, remember that scene in School of Rock when Joan Cusack gives her "I used to be fun" speech? That's me.  Not that anyone else is putting pressure on me--it just comes with the territory of being self-critical.  I also feel like I have a perpetual 'deer in headlights' look on my face. I'm also brain dead, so can't quite muster up any witticisms.


The launch program is like bootcamp (with really supportive, nice people guiding you instead of drill sergeants).

It can get really exhausting and there were moments when I felt like I just didn't have anything to give (real talk, no sugar coating here), but the moment things start to come together is when the light at the end of the tunnel comes into focus. It's the lift that helps you remember the feeling of excitement and possibility you had when you first dreamed up your idea.

Which is where we're at now--we've ordered packaging and will be doing our first production run next week. This will fulfill the incentives for all of our phenomenal Kickstarter backers. I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about them.

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet Courtney, the first graduate of the Fare Trade program. I'd heard so many anecdotes about her through Chrissy and Monika, that I already felt like I knew her. It was so great to hear her take on being a food maker. You should really try her Love Sweet Love pralines, too. They're delish--not too sweet, made with goat's milk, yums.

Stay tuned for for an update about our first production run. Oooo, nervous...